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Strategic Marketing Consulting

Our clients have shown top-line growth, reduce wasted spend, and turn their marketing effort from a cost center into a profit center. Summit Crew consulting delivers marketing strategies through an in-depth understanding of your business and target audience to provide guidance that will be impactful.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Our Strategic Consulting Services

Our sales have increased significantly and after our first full year we were up on revenues about 12% versus the prior year without a price increase in our product, which we are now more comfortable pushing through since our occupancy is higher. ~ Andy H. Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships

Digital Marketing Consulting At It's Best

Summit Crew looks at things a little differently when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing can be extremely successful when optimized to maximum efficiency. The critical first step in managing successful marketing campaigns is to identify your marketing goals and understand your current marketing advantages and opportunities. We will perform an audit of your current marketing efforts across campaigns and channels. We will use this information to develop our strategy and plan.

Factors Considered In Your Marketing Evaluation

  • A competitive analysis where we will assess marketplace activity, including how effectively competitors are making use of marketing channels and what messages, keywords, and strategies they are using. 
  • We’ll conduct keyword research.  Analysis and recommendation of keywords based on user behavior trends, and the decision journey through keyword usage and search activity. Additional analysis includes search volume, competitive use, and relevance. 
  • Determine the target audience demographics, behavior profile, buying intent, and online activities.
  • Differentiate product and service users to further understand and develop buyer personas.
  • Understanding of your additional marketing campaigns, messages, and activities that tie in or impact these digital marketing efforts.
  • Relevant successes and mistakes that have been made in the past.
  • Look at the website structure, content assets and landing pages available.
  • Understand your goals and current market share.
If your brand is looking to level-up then Summit Crew is your guide.
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Across industries and scales, from startups to major players, we’ve positioned clients like you to do amazing things.

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