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Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates [7 Powerful Ways]

Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Do you want to increase landing page conversion rates? If so, here are 7 Powerful Ways to do so. You will begin to increase your conversion rates using these strategies. 


Increase the Speed of Your Site

As many consumers shop online, improving the speed of your website can make a huge difference when conversing. The longer it takes for customers to be able to load your page, the less likely they are to make a conversion. According to marketing experts, there is a 7% decrease in conversions with every one-second delay it takes to load a page. Some causes of slower landing pages may include oversized images, so be sure to use pictures or logos that are manageable and conducive to search engines. Doing so will make your page load faster and increase the likelihood of increasing landing page conversions. 


Focus on one Call to Action (CTA)

Focus on one Call to Action (CTA)

If you want to increase landing page conversion rates, a call to action can help drastically. When including a call-to-action, you can inform site users about what activities you want them to pursue, and you can create leads by having users click links, fill out surveys, or provide other calls to action. When developing a call to action, be direct and concise and ensure your CTAs are easy to follow. The easier CTAs are for users to understand, the more likely they will be to take action and become a lead. Use links sparingly when utilizing CTAs, as the more you do, the less likely it is for you to generate conversions. You can check out how to write the perfect CTA.

Present Your Value Propositions | Offer Reviews

When generating landing page conversions, you should include social proof that other consumers enjoy your product or service or, better yet, use direct quotes from great customer reviews. Using reviews to present your value proposition will give your business more credibility and grow your brand faster. You can add credibility to your business by utilizing customer testimonials, social media sharing buttons, and case studies representing your success. 

Market researchers reported in the past few years, companies that include reviews and offer proof that their businesses are legitimate and favorable have conversion rates of about 13%, whereas landing pages without these elements on convert at an average of 11%. 

Draw Conversions with Creative Content

Draw Conversions with Creative Content

Some site viewers will only look at your site for seconds. This is important because it reiterates how businesses must draw conversions using creative and unique content. A way to stand out amongst other companies is by including multimedia content on your landing pages, including videos, bold graphics, or dynamic content that will draw users. Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions on landing pages by approximately 86%.



Optimize Landing Page for Mobile and Desktop Users.

With an increased number of users conducting searches and purchases from their phones, it is essential to make your landing page optimized for mobile users and desktop and PC users. By doing this, you will generate more traffic. Offering a mobile-conducive landing page will increase conversion rates by almost 1.2%. Also, if you are designing mobile and desktop landing pages, consider how users interact with these pages. Mobile pages must be easy to read, shorter, and offer a more direct call to action. 


Create a Clear and Concise Landing Page

Create a Clear and Concise Landing Page

Landing pages with high work counts create fewer conversions. This is because many web users scan pages instead of reading them entirely. Landing pages for businesses that provide products or services with fewer than 100 words have a 50% higher success rate than pages with more than 500 works. So, if you want to increase landing page conversions, use bullets, headers, and adequate spacing so that users can easily understand and navigate your landing page. 

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Target Your Specific Audience

Lastly, when increasing landing page conversion rates, make sure you are creating content that targets your niche audience. You can do this by offering highly-personalized information and specific messaging strategies to tend to users’ needs and preferences. Make sure you produce impactful content that will engage your targeted audience. Use separate landing pages for various audiences, value propositions, and specialized content to increase your number of conversions. 

As a business owner, monitoring how your landing page conversion rates perform over time is essential. Use these strategies to increase landing page conversions and engage more users with your content. If you would like to find more helpful content like this, contact one of our consultants here at Summit Crew or check out our blog! 

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