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41 Lead Generation Tools Which One Is Best for You Business Growth

lead generation tools

Lead generation in marketing is the process of engaging target audience members and driving them to action. The goal of lead generation is to convert potential consumers into loyal customers. And when conducting lead generation, there are many tools you can use. It depends on what your business entails and what strategies you think will be most effective for growing your business. 


Here are 41 Lead Generation Tools: 

41 Lead Generation Tools

  1. Overloop 

Overloop is an excellent tool if you are looking to run a multi-channel outbound campaign. On the platform, marketers can comprise lists of potential contacts and contact management. Overloop subscription’s elements include an email finder, the ability to import LinkedIn contacts, custom fields, CSV support, and chrome extensions. Overloop also helps firms conduct multi-channel campaigns with personalized emails, LinkedIn automation, templates for personalized messages, and email tracking. 


  1. LeadFeeder

Leadfeeder informs marketers on what companies visit your site and who is interacting with your landing pages. Additionally, this platform allows you to manage contact information and follow up with visitors who never made inquiries regarding your product or service. By using Leadfeeder, you can maintain more effective outreach with potential leads when trying to make sales. 


  1. OptinMonster

You can use OptinMonster to convert and monetize traffic. With this platform, you can rapidly grow your email list, increase the number of leads you generate, and increase sales. This site offers SEO templates, details on how to conduct page-level marketing, and other creative tools you can use to generate leads on your website. 


  1. is an excellent tool because it manages email subscriptions. This tool allows you to browse all emails curated and sent by a specific company. If you are a B2B, is one of the best lead generation tools for online platforms. Subscribe to their monthly plan, and you can search hundreds of emails and thousands of verifications per month. 


  1. is a chrome extension that enables users to find future emails on LinkedIn. With, you can search individual contacts, or you can view contacts in bulk directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can add new contacts to multiple social media channels, access and manage marketing tasks, and make direct calls here. 


  1. AeroLeads

AeroLeads makes managing contact information much more accessible – essential to lead generation. When utilizing Aeroleads, you can add Chrome plugins, search LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Angelist, amongst other platforms and add these collective leads to Aeroleads. Aeroleads collects emails and information from people, including their job titles, company, and post URLs. 


  1. Datanyze

With datanyze, you can connect with prospective clients by providing your contact information, company details, and other information you want to add to warm up cold calls and email outreaches. Contact information from social media and relevant search queries will drive lead generation and help your business make more meaningful conversions. 


  1. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is an extension that helps firms schedule emails. However, this platform is especially effective because it delivers emails back into inboxes when responses are not received from those who initially received the message. For example, if a group of potential customers does not reply within two days, you can use this platform to resend the email. Boomerang is also an excellent tool for an organization when generating leads. 


  1. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot sales offer a Gmail extension that helps you decide which emails to track depending on customer responses, niche target audiences, and prospective buyers. The platform provides unique features that keep marketers updated on their emails’ status, informing them on whether or not they have been opened. Furthermore, HubSpot also offers a cohesive dashboard that adequately manages all of the marketing data you need for adequate lead generation. 


  1. Global Database

Global Database offers up-to-date analytics through an online platform that utilizes an advanced filtering system. With this platform, you can comprise contact data of companies matching your ideal lead profiles, with insights regarding the financial state, credit risk, position on the market, and digital presence. The only information you need to provide is your lead generation demographic preferences or use workflow solutions offered by your business. 


  1. is a tool that collects emails from company websites. These are emails based on domain names and personal information and can also be pulled from sites like LinkedIn and Google, depending on consumers’ search preferences. This is an excellent tool if you are looking to nurture leads using research and automated outreaches. 


  1. Sumo

Sumo is a tool that lists and builds emails on your site. Whether you want to use popups, slide-in popups, or welcome mats, Sumo will help you tailor your page to generate leads. The tool also offers features that implement social sharing bars on websites and heatmaps for identifying where your site visitors are coming from. 


  1. ConvertPlus

Another tool for popup forms is ConvertPlus. Serving as a WordPress plugin, ConvertPlus offers options to include timed popups, the percentage of the page scrolled popups, exit popups, and other tools for lead generation. If your company utilizes WordPress, this is one of the best lead-generation tools. 


  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers landing page templates, segmentations, Facebook custom audiences, contact scoring, SMS, and email tools in one marketing suite. This platform is well-rounded and offers many different tactics for lead generation. Using this tool, your business can drastically increase its effectiveness. 


  1. Unbounce 

Unbounce helps marketers create customized landing pages. Additionally, this platform offers drag-and-drop landing page builders and an array of pre-built templates. 


  1. Instapage 

Instapage integrates popular marketing platforms like Zapier, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Salesforce by offering drag-and-drop landing pages, A/B testing, lead capture forms, conversion analytics, and heat maps. Instapage is excellent for integrating email marketing with CRM platforms, drastically improving lead generation. 


  1. WPForms

WPForms is one of the most effective drag-and-drop WordPress builders. Typically, marketers have used this tool to create more innovative forms and surveys. Meanwhile, sales teams operate this tool to create custom lead generation forms and to gather information about target audiences. 


  1. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel and landing page builder that marketers can use to select sales funnels. You can add subscribers to your email listing and management payments here. Using this tool, you can convert visitors into leads and customers. Begin with a free trial and subscribe to one of the most effective lead-generation tools. 


  1. Marketo

Marketo is another lead management tool that quantifies lead scoring, email marketing, email automation, and analytics. The platform was curated to identify, engage, and improve customer experiences. The tool was created to leverage behavioral data and to identify potential customers better so that you can convert them into leads. 


  1. Pardot 

Pardot creates landing pages, captures leads, integrates Google Adwords, outlines email campaigns, and conducts A/B testing. Using this tool, you can understand your buyers better, align your marketing and sales teams, and build better customer relationships. 


  1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing service that makes automation more accessible. Using this platform, you can curate branded emails, manage your website, and use social media to attract leads to your site. The tool includes site builders, email segmentation, and SEO strategies that ensure higher conversion rates. 


  1. Nimble 

Nimble is a CRM tool that complements projects that utilize Office and G Suite. Using Nimble, you can combine client contacts, communication histories, upcoming appointments, and email boxes into one platform. You can use this tool on every social media network to connect contacts, track sales, and streamline the sales process overall. 


  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a custom sales pipeline builder, and it manages customer relationships. The tool includes features like BCC email inbox management, email open and clicks tracking, task automation, revenue forecasting, and permission to follow and implement customizations. Presenting all of this data in one place, Pipedrive is a great tool when looking to generate leads and manage your customers. 


  1. Intercom

Intercom facilitates live chats on your site. Meanwhile, the platform can send targeted messages, manage conversations, and publish articles. Using Intercom, you can maintain better forms of communication with your audience and better tailor your messages to engage your target audience. 


  1. is a live chat tool that can be used to set up chat widgets. Using makes live chat implementation easier and once installed, you can use the tool to monitor customer engagement with chat boxes over time. If utilized correctly, can be implemented to further user engagement and convert leads into loyal customers. 


  1. Acquire

Acquire is another tool that enables real-time conversation between you and our customers. You can quickly answer your customer’s questions using this live chat support. Additionally, using an automated system, you can make customers feel personally addressed while converting leads faster by providing valuable information that drives action. 


  1. CallPage

If you want to increase the number of calls from website traffic, using CallPage is a great way to boost those metrics. According to customer feedback, CallPage can increase the number of sales calls from your website, decrease lead response time, and provide higher-quality customer service. Using this callback automation tool, you will be able to connect with prospective leads at a much faster pace. 


  1. Twitter Search 

Twitter Search is a simple and effective tool for generating leads. You can see companies that have tweeted similar searches using keyword searches. Then, by comprising a list of keywords you can use on Twitter, you can better tailor your content to align with commonly made searches and buyer preferences. After generating engagement, you can use Twitter to gather contact information and drive consumers to your landing pages. 

Lead Generation Tools

  1. Type

If you are looking to do a giveaway or you want to hold a viral contest, Vyper is a fantastic tool. By using Vyper, you will be able to have your content participants complete further actions such as filling out a form, following your social media platforms, or referring to your product or service. This platform enables marketers to gather data about their target audiences and maintain insights regarding lead generation. 


  1. Gleam

Gleam enables marketers to create content, whether the goal is to increase engagement or convert leads. The tool complies with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Eventbrite. Some tools simplify marketing your business, such as social media and email marketing managing options. 


  1. ProProfs Survey Maker

Serving as a cloud-based tool, ProProfs Survey Maker helps marketers capture qualified leads and identify points of weakness in campaigns. Using this online survey tool, you can develop questions that will push consumers towards making a purchase or encourage them to drive specific actions, whether you want a consumer to subscribe or fill out a survey. Therefore, you can use ProProds survey maker to embed forms on your website to increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience faster. 


  1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is an excellent tool for gathering feedback from site visitors. The agency offers options for showing surveys and popups on your website to generate leads. You can ask consumers questions regarding the pricing of your product or service and the readability of young blog posts, amongst many other insights that indicate optimization performance. 


  1. Google Forms

If you want to conduct surveys, Google Forms offers the tools you need and the feedback necessary for post-survey analysis. Using google forms, you can create your survey questions, ask for specific forms of contact information, and you can use your results for data analytics. After audience members complete surveys on Google Docs, you can look at responses using graphics or numerical metrics. 


  1. Extole 

Extole is an enterprise referral tool that enables customers to become brand advocates. The platform specializes in identifying and engaging leads, refer-a-friend programs, and a reward engine that helps businesses better advertise special discounts and reward programs. 


  1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a site that offers options for customer survey data collection and feedback generation. Features of this platform include survey builders, reporting tools, custom logo generation, color preferences, advanced data reporting, and payment processing. Meanwhile, with Survey Money, you can offer market analytics and more specified consumer targeting. 


  1. LimeCall 

LimeCall is a site that provides a callback tool that turns one-on-one conversations into prospective clients. Furthermore, offering a wedge tool allows site visitors to get in touch with your sales team within seconds of visiting the site. LimeCall may also be used to schedule appointments with potential clients and leads. 

You can also read about:


  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you use LinkedIn for researching and finding prospective clients, then the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent tool. This service can save more leads, fulfill more advanced searches, develop usage reports and a clearing center, and better manage your consumer relationships. 


  1. OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is a tool that focuses on closing deals. The platform generates effectively as it manages contact information, emails, sales pipelines, and reporting tools. You can also connect your account with OnePageCRM with other platforms like Skype, Google Contacts, and MailChimp. 


  1. Zapier

Zapper is a platform that automates work across various social media platforms and applications. Using this site, you can choose specific automation tools to offset different actions through the process of lead generation. For example, when you send out emails, they will automatically be placed in users’ Dropbox, and then an alert created in Slack will notify employees. 


  1. Quora

Quora can be an effective tool to generate leads because so many web users favor the site to answer questions, which provides insights about what consumers are searching for. On this platform, you can answer questions and provide helpful answers, creating awareness for your product or service in the long run. Being active on Quora can help marketers increase leads and conversions. 


  1. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a lead generation platform that includes lead management, lead scoring, email marketing, landing pages, chatbots, email automation, and pipeline management. On this platform, your business can power the entire marketing funnel in a single place. 

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