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9 Tools To Help You in Competitors Analysis

9 Tools To Help You In competitors analysis

Competitive analysis is used by businesses to identify how they are performing compared to their competitors. Using competitive analysis tools, your business can develop effective strategies to gain a competitive edge. While conducting a competitive analysis, it is essential to note your internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of brands producing similar products or services. These types of research can be used to implement new strategies, technologies, and pricing techniques. You can also use digitized elements to conduct competitive analysis, such as traffic insights, ad placement, followers, and sales. And by using competitor analysis tools, you can conduct research with ease and measurable results. 

9 Tools to Help You In competitors analysis

Tools to Help You In Competitive Analysis

Mail Charts

Email marketing has become a popular strategy. Additionally, with its rise in popularity, this form of marketing has become one of the most insightful indicators of competitive analysis. With this in mind, Mailcharts was created to analyze business campaigns. On the site, you can identify sent frequencies and effectiveness rates. Meanwhile, the tool compares a firm’s email content in subject line length, timing, and calls to action. Mail charts offer insight on how to better conduct email marketing campaigns while providing key competitor insights.


Similarweb is a multi-faceted tool that provides insights on both content and SEO. Their tools include the ability to determine a site’s referral traffic, as well as where a place ends up sending various users. As for content marketers, you can use the site to analyze audience interests, technological developments, and other industry trends being carried out by leading firms. 


Feedly is a unique platform because its service allows you to organize content as it is published, store data, and view competitor insights. The site is content-based and offers popular industry trends and helpful information that details how industry leads perform and how to implement the successful competitive analysis. You can also use Feedly to see how competitors’ blogs are performing concerning your own. 


Mozbar is a browser extension that provides competitive insights regarding domain authority (DA) on sites like Google. The platform offers information on how Google ranks specific searches while determining a site’s potential performance. Mozbar assigns DA scores based on factors like backlinks and other search engine ranking indicators. When the extension runs, you can view how specific competing sites may rank on Google. You can also see historical insights about businesses, like how long they have been operating and whether they have succeeded. 


Ahrefs’ site explorer is another competitive analysis tool for companies pursuing SEO strategies. On the platform, you can check the most used keywords, popular URLs, and estimates regarding competitor traffic. You can also use their “back pages by backlinks” page to see which brands are the highest performing when it comes to content production. This tool is perfect if you are looking for a tool to generate competitive analysis in terms of SEO. 


Phlanx Created specifically to track engagement on Instagram, this tool can provide insights on how active a business’ Instagram followers are and whether or not followings are legitimate. You can use this tool to evaluate your own account’s engagement, or you can use it to see how your competitors are performing.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a competitor performance indicator that uses data from social media platforms. Businesses can use their suite for competitive reports to access strategy, optimize their digital platforms, and see insights on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use the site to visualize data, create interactive charts, and create goals. This tool has everything you need to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your competitors. 

Social Blade

Social blade is a tool that assesses follower counts, likes, and subscriptions on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The site applies grades to businesses based on their average insights. Meanwhile, the platform can also provide data on follower counts daily. Lastly, you can use the tool to develop visual data describing various brands’ social media presences and how they rank. 


SEMRush is a competitive analysis platform focusing on search engine optimization tools. You can analyze the site’s organic search insights, backlinking, organic keyword competition, and paid search statistics. Lastly, by using their keyword analysis feature, you can identify who your competitors for keywords are and what phrases they are using. 

Competitor analysis tools

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Competitor analysis tools help businesses track data, learn from industry leaders, and better track their internal performance. Using tools like the ones presented above will save your organization time and stress when conducting competitive analysis. If you are looking to lead your industry, be sure to see our website for more competitor analysis strategies and for tips on how to build your business. At Summit Crew, we aim to help business owners boost their results. Get started with us today, and check out our blog.

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