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Google Sees The Future In Shopping and Shifts Accordingly

Google Sees The Future In Shopping and Shifts Accordingly

Google is expanding its integration to make it convenient for e-commerce companies to use Google shopping in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

Google recently announced direct integration with Shopify, and now they are expanding to WooCommerce, GoDaddy, and Square. This means that brands selling in the online retail space can integrate with Google Shopping for free. Quick and easy integration allows these retailers to showcase their products for sale on Google with the click of a mouse.

The Future In Shopping and Shifts _ Google’s Prediction

Google states that with over one billion shopping sessions happening every day, they need to continue to expand the options for easy integration. The fast-growing e-commerce space is expected to grow even further as we get closer to the shopping season.


Upcoming offers, sales, and deals that e-commerce brands offer will be front and center on ads and a new ‘deals results’ page on both search and shopping on Google.

Consumer buying behaviors continue to shift to include more ‘near me’ and ‘available for pickup’ since shoppers had to completely change their in-store buying behavior over the last year and a half. With this shift, Google is also shifting alongside these behavioral changes requiring Google to prioritize searches that include these shifts.

feature of shopping

One crucial feature that popped up not long ago is allowing customers to purchase directly from Google with an easy checkout process right on Google’s platform.

These shifts allow e-commerce brands, together with their customers, better and more accommodating options. For more info, follow the Summit Crew blog.

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