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5 Secrets to Email Marketing Success

Secrets to Email Marketing

Whether you own a services business or an eCommerce site, email marketing is a crucial tool that can help you reach new audiences as well as delight your existing customers. In order to stand out in consumer’s inboxes, you’ll need to go above and beyond the other 100+ email messages, they receive each day. Here are 5 secrets to email marketing success:


Most companies pull massive email lists from the depths of the darknet and spam the same message to all 500K contacts without batting an eye. You wouldn’t send an email to the school nurse about how to increase admissions enrollment, so why are you emailing Pam from HR about digital advertising software?

Subject line Secrets to Email Marketing

Subject lines are an art form. You have to catch someone’s attention in roughly 5-10 words or less. Depending on your brand, the good ones are either clever or direct to the point. You’d think this would go without saying, but don’t lie in your subject lines. The shock and awe of “_____, respond TODAY or your website gets shut down!” may get someone to open your email, but it also prompts them to put that email right into the trash the moment they see the claims are false.


Know your brand and know your target. Memes and GIFs work if you’re a creative company with a fun brand trying to reach out to like-minded customers. But if you’re trying to target the dean of a school or a personal injury lawyer, you might want to put the jokes aside.


Less is more. Rather than including the full-text form your new article or white paper, LINK to it. Creating that opportunity for a reader to take action by clicking your link allows you to qualify that lead as well as drive traffic back to your site.

Timing, frequency & volume

Time of day matters. How often your messages go out matters. And how many messages you send before giving up matters. You could have the product someone has been searching for, but if you send them 5 emails weekly, they will mark your emails as spam. We call it as we see it. And that goes for great marketing emails.

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