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10 Ecommerce Tips to Boost Your Revenue | How to Market Online

10 Ecommerce Tips to Boost Your Revenue

Reviews and testimonials add legitimacy.

Creating brand recognition is extremely important to online success. Similar to how word of mouth is to a brick-and-mortar store, having reviews, testimonials, and case studies on your website will help showcase the legitimacy of your business. 

Reviews and testimonials add legitimacy

If you have many 5-star reviews on your Google Business page, integrate those onto the website. Suppose you have excellent written or video testimonials from customers; insert those on the product pages. These testimonials are a final clear message from an actual customer about why new customers should buy your product. 

Flexibility with payment options and plans

Flexibility with payment options and plans

People always like options, and the more options for payment, the better for online shopping. Providing multiple ways for customers to pay at checkout will give you a higher chance of success. Some people like playing with their ApplePay or PayPal because they have some credits in that specific account. Let them use that if that means the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.

Offering payment plans is a new and popular checkout option you can also provide. If somebody wants to pay four $25 payments over two weeks rather than a $100 payment right up front, let that be an option. This flexibility of payment and payment plans will help immensely acquire customers who struggle with the price point of your product or service.

Uniquely target top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel customers

The right message to the right audience will go a long way in driving valuable traffic to your online store. Specifically, targeting unique audiences is an excellent concept to try out and see if you can add additional clientele to your customer list. 

bottom-of-funnel customers

Build out personas for top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel customers. Then begin testing landing pages with different headlines, copy, and images to see if you can gain more of the same target customers or bring in new customers that are more in the middle to the top of the funnel.   

Gather email addresses

Being able to market and communicate directly to current and prospective customers is crucial, making email marketing one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Finding ways to capture email addresses is the key first step. Putting pop-ups on the main page asking for emails in exchange for a promo that specific day works well.

Gather email addresses

Once you have that email, you can begin to retarget marketing to those prospective customers who didn’t buy that day they were on the site. Providing more information on the products and promos is a good starting point in retargeting. Continuing communication with existing customers via email is also essential. Giving them a reason to keep going back to the website is a challenge, but loyalty benefits like sales, free shipping, and other promos can get the job done.


Streamline the checkout process

Streamline the checkout process

There is nothing more costly to an online store than an abandoned cart. A complex checkout process is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment, making the need for a straightforward checkout process for your eCommerce site critical. 

Reviewing how long your current checkout process is a good start. Providing a guest checkout and eliminating unneeded fields can help smooth out completing a purchase. Auto-filling their mailing and billing info can streamline the cart process for loyal returning customers. 

Mobile-friendly shopping experience 

Mobile-friendly shopping experience 

Following the need to streamline the checkout process, optimizing your eCommerce store for mobile use is just as prevalent. According to OuterBox, more than half of all internet shopping traffic is from a mobile device. Statistics show that 40% of those users will go to a competitor if they encounter a terrible mobile shopping experience. If your mobile online store is not up to par, you will miss out on a massive influx of customers. 

Strategically designing your website and pairing it with a mobile-responsive e-commerce theme is crucial. Make sure everything from the headlines, copy, and images is in the right place and looks great. The user experience on mobile should be fast and simple to use.

Invest in high-quality visuals 

When people are on the product page, you must capture their attention. Having high-quality images of the product can be the deciding factor sometimes in a sale or a bounce. 

Invest in high-quality visuals 

Getting professionally-done photos of a product is extremely important. Utilizing models in or using the product is vital as well. People want to see the product in action. Seeing images on the website of other people wearing or using it provides a way for prospective customers to visualize themselves with the product. Video content can also offer a different perspective and tell a story of your product or service. The more high-quality visual content on your eCommerce site, the higher the chance of sales. 

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A little upsell goes a long way

Great, you already got the customer at checkout and are about to complete an online sale; why not try to get a little extra on top of the deal? Upselling at the cart is a quick and easy way to turn a single sale into one, maybe two more. 

They could be big upselling, like adding custom upgrades to a product. Or simple small upsells, like offering gift wrapping or a personal note. But increasing the amount of an order by any additional amount is a win for your eCommerce store.


Create an interactive experience with a live chat tool 

Create an interactive experience

Creating an easy-to-use online store is vital, but sometimes your customers need a little help online. Adding a live chat tool to your website can improve the user experience. 

According to 99Firms, live chat improves website conversions by 3.84%. Statistics show that customers who use live charm spend 60% more per purchase than those who don’t. Almost 73% of customers find the live chat tool the most acceptable form of communication with a company. These findings show the vast advantage having a live chat tool on your eCommerce website can have for your sales. 


Time-sensitive promos to drive traffic

Sometimes all you need to complete a sale is a little push for the customer. Creating a sense of urgency with promos can help get those sales conversions up. 

Time-sensitive promos to drive traffic

There are multiple ways to hit your audience and target customers with promos, and all work well. Email marketing, social media posts, and ads on social media can help create urgency in getting people to your website and complete orders. Using strategic keywords like a limited edition, one-time-only, flash sale creates time-sensitive promos, resulting in higher conversion rates.  


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