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The Compelling Case for Video Marketing in 2022

Video Marketing

The world we do business in today is anything but business as usual. With more people working remotely than ever before, they are spending more time on their computers with an ‘ever-connected’ state of business. It used to be 9 am – 5 pm, turn off your computer and commute home, looking forward to disconnecting, but now staying connected is an all-day thing. Screen time has increased from setting up the kids on their laptops for school to finishing up your last zoom meeting. That means for businesses that being online and available for viewers is critical, especially now. This article will remind you why views, specifically video views, are important in 2022.

Although not new on the scene, video marketing is a proven, impactful part of any effective marketing strategy. Perfect for activating clients and consumers in our overloaded world, video marketing builds upon short (as in 90-second) bursts of compelling, visually engaging, and easy-to-understand content that is perfectly suited for today’s audience. A bonus of video marketing is the number of creative forms it can take for your business:

  • Explainer videos
  • Product presentations
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Video tutorials
  • Face-to-face updates on happenings within your brand
  • Customer testimonials or interviews
  • Brand insights and overviews

The Numbers Tell the Story

Businesses in every sector are beginning to understand video marketing’s power, with 81 percent using video marketing as one of their primary tools (up from only about 63 percent in previous years). Some other numbers that are worth noting:

  • 60 percent of consumers prefer online videos to television
  • 83 percent of consumers prefer YouTube as the platform of choice for watching video content, making YouTube the second most popular website after Google
  • 59 percent of C-Suite executives say they would rather watch a video than read a document
  • 75 percent of all video plays take place on a phone or mobile device
  • 92 percent of users who watch video on their phone or mobile device will share it with their friends.

Here are some persuasive reasons you want to look to video marketing as part of your long-term strategy to grow your client base and bring your business to the next level.

Your Landing Page Loves Video Marketing

Investing in video marketing is a powerful tool for converting a looker into a buyer, especially if you embed the video on your website’s landing page. The bottom line is that buyers increasingly seek information about your product or service before calling or visiting your store. Studies have shown that placing a video on your landing page can increase organic search traffic by over 150 percent and increase overall traffic by 300 percent. Are you concerned about the searchability of your website among the clutter of competitors?  A website with video has over 50 percent better chance of reaching Google’s front page than a website without video.

Your Conversion Rate Loves Video Marketing

Since 85 percent of consumers want to see more video content from their favorite stores and brands, it is not surprising that video marketing is a powerful tool to convert lookers into buyers. Conversion rates go up by as much as 34 percent for websites with marketing videos in their structure and almost twice that if the video is placed strategically on the landing page.

Your Return-on-Investment (ROI) Loves Video Marketing

Despite the slightly higher cost of production, video marketing is well worth the investment. Professional marketers consistently report that video marketing is the type of content that produces the highest ROI of any marketing content, including email. Video helps potential customers get a better sense of the products or services you are selling, and given the high “shareability” of video materials, you can see how the value per dollar invested can snowball when a successful video takes off.

Add the fact that over 60 percent of consumers self-report being more motivated to purchase after watching video marketing content, and you can see how the initial costs of producing well-designed, professional videos should be a cornerstone of any marketing strategy.

How Your Video Marketing Agency Can Help

Building compelling marketing videos is equal parts science, creativity, and experience, so choosing your business’s right video marketing agency is important. When considering your options be sure to ask about an agency’s skills in helping in these key areas:

  • Creating an effective Call-to-Action (CTA) can be presented at strategic points in the video or at the end.
  • Can they advise on video length, since marketing videos are not a one-size-fits-all proposition; some products might be best served with a longer, detailed video and others with a short explainer video.
  • Be sure to discuss the scriptwriting and review process, which, despite what people think, is one of the most critical parts of any video marketing campaign. Those unique Apple presentations that Steve Jobs became famous for were very carefully scripted and obsessively rehearsed to look and feel the way they do.
  • What is the best use of directional cues in your marketing video? Grabbing a viewer’s attention is great, but converting their attention into sales is the goal. Directional cues are the trigger that activates the sale.
  • Video needs audio, so be sure your agency has the skill sets and hardware necessary to overlay audio that sounds clean and professional and captures your business’s personality. Most agencies have a list of voice actors they work with, so you can have some input into the voice that becomes identified with your business.
  • Be careful with autoplay. The vast majority (82 percent) of consumers dislike it intensely, and some search engines have taken to blocking autoplay ads to appease users.

Video marketing is here to stay. More importantly, it is becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy. And with more than 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube every day and over 8 billion Facebook video views in that same period, video power is only increasing yearly. Now is the time to create the video content your customers expect and want. 

At Summit Crew, we excel at the art and science of video marketing. Your business needs a video to thrive online, so contact us today to discuss how we can help set your business apart from the crowd, attract new customers, and become the content everyone talks about.

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