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10 Ways To Build A Strong Company Culture On Social Media

10 Ways To Build A Strong Company Culture On Social Media

In a digital age, businesses are faced with the challenge of displaying their company culture to potential clients. Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment employees work in. It includes elements such as; company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. In some situations, company culture is the deal-breaker for a potential client or employee. To keep up with the demand, businesses are coming up with creative ideas to highlight their work environment on Social media. Here are 10 ideas to get you started on building a strong company culture presence using social media. 

1. Use Visuals As Much As Possible

Use Visuals As Much As Possible

Viewers love feeling a sense of community when looking at a company’s social media. By posting pictures inside your office and group photos of people that work within your company, you can provide a behind-the-scenes look and give your followers a sense of what it’s like to work at your business. 

2. Post About Community Events

Post About Community Events

If your company has attended a local event, make a post or a story. This will show that your team supports the community, which may be very important to your followers.  

3. Company Sports Teams

Company Sports Teams

If your employees are rooting for the same team, make a post showing your support for an upcoming game. Or, if there is a rivalry within the office, showcase the opponents and ask viewers to vote on the team they prefer.

4. Moments Of Collaboration

Moments Of Collaboration

Working with another company? Post about it and tag their social media accounts. Featuring other companies will show that your team is collaborative, and it might bring attention to your own profile from the other company’s followers.

5. Team Lunches

Team Lunches

Who doesn’t love food? If you are having something tasty for lunch, eating some sweets, or making a coffee run, post a picture about it. If possible, tag the restaurant you ordered from if they have social media. 

6. Office Pets

Office Pets

If your office is pet friendly, feature a “pet of the month” series on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok. You can also try having a “bring your pet to work day” for a photo op. This will display your company’s caring side, and you can’t go wrong with puppies.

7. Holiday Celebrations

Holiday Celebrations

Is your company having a Halloween costume or ugly sweater party? Take plenty of group photos to display on social media. You can also film festive Tik Toks! Your followers will love to see that you celebrate holidays and keep company morale high. 

8. Employee Takeovers

Employee Takeovers

Allow an employee to take over your Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok for the day to record a play-by-play experience for your followers. They can post short segments of their day utilizing the stories feature on Instagram or Facebook. This provides internal content of your business and also builds a stronger appreciation for your employees.

9. Testimonials


Finished providing services or products to a client? Have them send a short video of their experience with your company to allow outside viewers to hear from your very own clients. These testimonials will help highlight how it is for a client to work with you.

10. Pranks


A friendly prank would make great content for your company’s page, depending on your atmosphere. Examples include covering a team member’s desk with sticky notes, decorating their office, or a jump scare. You could turn this prank into a YouTube video or a Tik Tok

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Although there is no way to magically boost your company’s culture overnight, starting with these tips can help slowly improve the atmosphere of your work environment and the quality of the content you present to your followers. Here are the Best Digital Marketing Companies In Massachusetts.

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