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5 Smart Features | Personalization Controls for Google

Personalization Controls for Google

We all use Google for just about everything; email, directions, calendar, or even booking our next flight or hotel room. Here is some excellent information further detailing these Google features that will work seamlessly and easily for anyone.

1. Automatic Email Filtering/Categorization

Tabbed inboxes are great for people who want to move less-relevant emails (such as social updates and promotions) out of their primary inboxes. Clean primary inboxes help you focus on what matters. Tabs appear at the top of your inbox, where you can quickly move between them.

2. Smart Compose and Smart Reply

To reply to a message in Google Chat, you can enter text or select a suggestion if available. Use smart reply suggestions in Chat, and get responses based on your message.
Reply to a message

  • Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  • Open a chat message.
  • Below the message, click the reply area.
  • Enter your message or select a suggestion.
  • You can customize a suggested message before you send it.
  • Press Return or click Send.

3. Summary cards above your email showing package tracking or travel updates

Find & manage your trips. You can get trip info, like your upcoming trips, reservations, and research, on organizes confirmed reservations sent to your Gmail and any travel-related activity, such as:

  • Reservations for airlines, hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, restaurants, and train or bus travel
  • Travel research for upcoming trips
  • Suggestions for trip destinations
  • Information from past trips
  • Recent trip activity

Tip: To get all your travel information, make sure you’re signed into the Google Account you use to make your travel plans.

4. Using Event Details to Create Calendar Entries

Keep track of all your reservations, meetings, or travel dates by viewing the synchronized events from your Gmail inbox in Google Calendar. 

When you get an email about an event like a flight, concert, or restaurant reservation, it’s added to your calendar automatically. You can choose who can view these events in your calendar.

If you don’t want events from Gmail on your calendar, you can delete a single event, or change your settings so that events aren’t added automatically.

5. Maps Displaying Restaurant Reservations

Look up your events, booking, and personal info
You can check Google Maps for details about upcoming events like flights, restaurant reservations, or car rentals.
This information might appear:

  • In your search results
  • In the suggestions below the search box
  • With details about a place
  • On your map
  • On “Your places”

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