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10 Video Marketing Campaigns That You Will Love

Video Marketing Campaigns

Throughout the years there have been plenty of memorable marketing and advertising campaigns. The iconic Old Spice ads, Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, or the lovely Flo from Progressive are all great examples of marketing and advertising done beautifully. A good marketing video should not only compel consumers to continue watching but also shine a positive light on their brand. We’ve compiled a list of ten great video marketing campaigns that do just that. 

Take a look at some of the best video ads on the internet right now.

Nike Woman: Better For It

Nike, like plenty of exercise brands, has an overarching theme of pushing someone to the limit and exceeding expectations. This ad does it in a brilliant way. By using honest humor and shedding some light on what actually goes on in women’s thoughts while working out, it shows that anyone could not only work out but wear Nike while doing it. Instead of the ‘yes we can’ attitude Nikes campaigns usually produce, they decided to add humor. That’s what makes this campaign stand out from the rest of the brands trying to sell the same type of products.

Super 8: The Human Hug

This is the first of many on the list that connects with consumers by using emotions. Super 8 partnered with the Human Hug Project, which is a project created by two war veterans with hope to bring awareness to post-traumatic stress disorder. They created a compelling storyline that stretched across multiple platforms and it was released around Veterans Day. The goal was to raise awareness for the brand’s military support, which creates a positive, and emotional connection for the brand.

Method: Fight Dirty

Method uses a simple way to ensure views with their advertisement: Tiffany Haddish. Adding a popular celebrity to the brand can assure that consumers will want to watch. Method also uses comedy to keep consumers interested in their brand. This video plays like a PSA parody asking people to wash their hands after using the restroom. It also helps that humans, by nature, are curious beings, so when you mention a hidden camera it’s sure to draw people in.

Canadian Tire: Wheels

Canadian Tire’s 2016 ad, “Wheels,” ran during the 2016 Summer Olympics, and was one of the most viral marketing videos of 2017. It follows a young boy confined to a wheelchair watching the other kids in the neighborhood play basketball. Later on, it shows the neighborhood kids have created their own basketball game, requiring the players to be sitting down to include their new friend. The commercial itself doesn’t do much brand recognition, but the emotional value is huge. What Most Schools Don’t Teach You

The advertisement picks a topic many people find confusing, which would be coding, and breaks it down in simple terms. It also uses some of the most recognizable coding geniuses in the business. Just like how Method uses Tiffany Haddish, uses bright, recognizable people to keep their audience interested. The video’s a great example of influencer marketing. The famous individuals featured described their humble beginnings in a field they think anyone can succeed in. It’s a classic underdog story that also shows that anyone can code if they’re determined and want to learn.

Google Earth: Homeward Bound

Google Earth inputs their brand into a story featuring loss, love, and restoration. It tugs on the heartstrings of consumers everywhere. Saroo Brierley’s takes viewers on an emotional journey to his original home after a tragic separation from his family. By including themselves in the journey, Google Earth makes it seem as though they are just trying to help consumers rather than trying to take their money.

Burger King: Google Home of the Whopper

Burger King has taken video marketing to the next level with this campaign. They released a short fifteen-second video. It doesn’t seem like enough time for an ad, but all they needed to say was “Okay Google. What is the whopper burger?”Any Google Home that may have heard the advertisement will immediately respond to the question and start telling you all about the whopper. The idea is creative and caused a lot of press for the brand. The campaign got a little pushback and trolling, but was still massively successful.

Reebok: 25,915 Days

Reebok starts their campaign by letting consumers know that the average human lifespan is 25,915 days. It follows the journey of a runner going through her life in reverse. It begins with her as a middle-aged woman running a Spartan race and ends with her as a baby in a crib, meanwhile, the number of days she has left is shown somewhere in the background with each age jump scene. Reebok does this to show how people perceive fitness at every age. It also shows that they have athletic gear ready for any age group that may need it.

Coca-Cola: The Last Customer

This advertisement screams holiday cheer. Soda companies are usually known for memorable campaigns and Coke never disappoints. They treated the Philippines market to a gift that gave about 15,000 people a surprise for the holidays, starting with a Coke. Coke usually uses consumers’ emotions when creating an advertising campaign and this one was no different. You meet real people who received Coca-Cola presents and got to see their reactions. It creates a loving and trusting atmosphere with the Coke brand.

These ten brands have created original content that consumers can connect to. Each one tells a story that compels consumers to continue watching, which is an important goal when creating your campaign.

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Hopefully, these examples will help you find your creativity and allow you to make something just as amazing as these brands have managed to create.

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