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The Role Your Brand Image Plays in Purchase Decisions

The role your brand image plays in purchase decisions

When trying to grow your business, your brand image can make or break your success. Did you know that your branding techniques significantly impact how your consumers make purchase decisions? Well, if not, have no fear. Today, we will break down the basics of brand imaging and how it affects purchase decisions. Keep reading to find out!

The Role Your Brand Image Plays in Purchase Decisions

Brand Imaging 

Brand imaging

Brand image is defined by the associations your audience creates when they interpret your content. Typically, these unique associations target customers who can pick out your brand. Additionally, your brand image can give consumers a better idea of what your brand represents and your values. 

In return, these factors shape a customer’s perception of your business. However, the perception of any brand can be impacted by many things – including customer reviews, graphics, competitor advertisements, and values. Even though it’s called “brand imaging,” the term is not explicitly a mental image. 

There are an array of emotional elements that play into consumers’ perception as well. These perceptions are not created or chosen by your target audience. They are formed by conscious and subconscious opinions shaping their view of your product or service. Ultimately, the image or perception that someone has of your brand will dictate their decision-making – will they make the purchase or not? How much are they willing to pay for your product or service? 

How to Create a Better Brand Image? 

How to create a better brand image

Now that you understand the importance of brand imaging, we will tell you the best strategies to build your business. Here, we will give you a variety of steps you can take to make your customer base with great branding! 

Explicitly Define Your Brand’s Value Proposition and Identity  

When looking to reach more consumers, the first step to building a solid brand image is to define your brand’s personality and value proposition. Defining characteristics associated with your brand is crucial because it helps customers or potential leads to create a mental association or perception of what your company is looking to offer. 

Meanwhile, it is vital to represent the beliefs and principles that your business was built on. To define your brand’s personality and values, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the core values of your business?
  2. What is the tone and voice of your brand? Who are we looking to attract? 
  3. What is the persona of your brand? Do you want your business’ advertising tone to be professional, serious, or something more fun?
  4. What separates you from your competitors?

By answering these questions or similar ones – you will be able to find more ways to explicitly define your brand’s values, target market, and more.

Develop Strong Content

Develop strong content

A strong brand identity is essential to building a solid brand image. When developing content for your brand, you want your company’s identity represented through visual elements. By doing so, people are more inclined to be familiar with your brand and will be able to identify it quickly in a group. 

To have this impact on your brand image, focus on details such as your logo, colors, and typography. Also, it is imperative to create cohesive content that continuously aligns across all platforms – including websites, social media platforms, Youtube Ads, and more. Here are ways you can improve your brand identity: 

  • Use A Unique Logo: When looking to improve your brand identity, it is essential to use a recognizable logo representative of the product or service you are offering. By choosing a unique image or slogan, your branding can be a way for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 
  • Use Consistent Colors: The colors that are used in advertisements and images can have a significant impact on customers’ decision-making. Colors can be used to evoke emotions: such as urgency, passion, and sadness. So, depending on the colors you use in your branding content, your audience will respond differently. Also, color is another factor in your brain’s development of associations – which means that you should consider using the same color schemes across all of your content. Doing so will enhance the likeliness of someone recognizing your brand and forming an emotional association with your business. Both of these reactions from consumers can turn leads into life-long customers. 
  • Pay Attention to Fonts and Different Types of Language: Smaller details like font sizes and the words you use can also significantly impact how people interpret your brand’s content. So, with that in mind, it is crucial to pay close attention to these details when developing your branding image. Just like colors, certain slogans and fonts can register in customers’ minds – which can impact their decision as to whether or not they should engage with your brand. Or whether they will remember you or not. Therefore, using specific fonts and language can drastically impact a marketing campaign – be sure to use these elements wisely. 
  • Choose The Right Images: Similar to fonts, logos, and colors, images can play a massive role in shaping customers’ and leads’ perceptions of your business. For example, if you have a blog on which you post recipes, you would want to post photos of your meals – not of something else like your backyard or living room. Doing that could confuse your readers and indicate that you are discussing interior design when your articles focus on your cooking skills. 

Overall, you can build your business by using these elements and their psychological impact on people’s perception of your brand. More and more companies are increasing their sales, profitability, and brand awareness through excellent brand imaging. Do not fall behind. Use brand imaging to get ahead of your competition!

Create Valuable Content

Creat valubale content

Creating valuable content is another effective way to build a better brand image and attract more customers while gaining new leads. Valuable content can include blog posts, social media posts, videos, and other content that provide value to your target audience. By creating valuable content, you can position your brand as an authority in your industry and build a loyal following.

To create valuable content, consider the following tips:

  • Identify your target audience: Who are you creating content for? What are their needs and interests?
  • Choose the suitable content format: Different types of content resonate with different audiences. Choose the content format that works best for your target audience.
  • Provide value: Your content should provide value to your target audience. It should be informative, entertaining, or both.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is vital when it comes to creating content. Create a content calendar and stick to it.

By creating valuable content, you can establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry and attract more consumers.

Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience is another effective way to build a better brand image and attract more consumers. Engaging with your audience can include responding to comments on social media, hosting Q&A sessions, and providing customer support. Engaging with your audience can build trust, create a loyal following, and attract new customers.

To engage with your audience effectively, consider the following tips:

  • Be responsive: Respond to comments and questions promptly.
  • Be authentic: Show your brand’s personality and values in your interactions with your audience.
  • Provide value in your interactions with your audience, whether answering questions or providing support.


For more tips and tricks on how to create better brand awareness, check out our blog. Here at Summit Crew, we have all of the information you need and more to increase your customer retention. As digital marketing experts, we want to help you reach your potential. Check back soon for more helpful content like this!


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