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Industries That Need Digital Marketing For Success

Industries that need digital marketing for success

With a worldwide transition to the digitization of advertising and marketing, it has become essential for certain companies within specific industries to utilize digital marketing strategies. Today, we will dive into sectors that need digital marketing to thrive. Keep reading and find out whether or not you should be implementing digital marketing strategies into your business.

Industries That Need Digital Marketing to Succeed

Industries that need digital marketing for success



On the top of the list comes healthcare. Although this may shock most, it makes perfect sense as about 80% of people go to search engines when they experience adverse health symptoms. So, with that in mind, internet users constantly look for advice, treatment, or facilities that focus on healthcare. 

As time passes, the demand for healthcare will only increase, so healthcare companies must utilize digital marketing strategies to separate them from their competitors. Some examples of digital marketing in the healthcare sector include informative blog posts, online portals, and through surveys or symptom reports. The better you advertise your business, the more likely you are to attract new patients or maintain old ones. Lastly, when it comes to the healthcare industry and marketing, companies are looking to improve their SEO content to garner results, especially medical companies, to meet users’ needs by producing high-quality content. 



E-Commerce has become a huge sensation over the past five to ten years. And with that in mind, now is the perfect time for the industry to maintain a focus on digital marketing. The reason why digital marketing is so vital for companies within the Ecommerce sector is that with a constantly changing industry comes continuously evolving consumer preferences. So, e-commerce companies should use digital marketing to engage with their audience to understand better what types of products or services they want. 

Additionally, E-Commerce companies will be able to provide more brand value by using digital marketing. Unlike in pre-digitization times, consumers no longer read the paper or utilize word-of-mouth advertisements. Instead, many customers use search engines or social media to find new products or shop online. Whether you use social media, introduce new blog content, or start a website, companies in the e-commerce sector must commit to utilizing digital marketing as a means of success. 


Retail / Fashion 

Retail and fashion

Next, all companies within the retail sector will benefit from using digital marketing. Especially with the rise of social media influencers, companies can use platforms like TikTok and Instagram for advertising new lines of clothing, discount codes, and more. On the other hand, having an established social media presence can help retail companies increase their leads while maintaining brand loyalty amongst their current customers. 

With so many retail companies already using these strategies online, it is essential for companies who still need to start. Retail companies can also utilize digital marketing strategies to get feedback on new products or see where consumer preferences are shifting. By keeping a close eye on users’ engagement, the fashion industry, one of the fastest-paced sectors, will be able to tend to its consumers’ needs more accurately and with less trial and error. 



The education industry has also begun to rely heavily on digital marketing to advertise schools, especially colleges, and universities. The goal of such campaigns is to increase the rate at which students apply as well as to highlight unique programs’ strengths. Companies specializing in educational services, such as tutoring, also utilize digital marketing to offer free lessons or trials to engage users. 

Overall, when working in the education sector, companies must utilize digital marketing strategies to establish their brand image and maintain rates of admission and attendance. Whether players within the education sector use websites, social media campaigns, or digital newsletters, doing so increases their success rates. If you work in the education industry, consider using digital marketing strategies today. Doing so will ensure your business maintains its competitive edge to thrive. 


Fitness & Wellness

Fitness and wellness

Since the pandemic, many companies who work within the fitness and wellness sectors have taken their operations online. Whether companies began providing home workouts, healthy recipes, or fitness campaigns, digital platforms have served as an integral part of the industry. Additionally, just like the retail sector, many fitness companies use influences on social media to promote companies’ products or services. For example, some fitness instructors will post before and after photos of their clients to reinforce their brand image online. 

Overall, with a rise in digital workouts, diet plans, and wellness activities, the sector as a whole is quickly transitioning to a focus on their online presences. If you want to compete within the Fitness and Wellness industries, then it is imperative that your company adversities online. From blog posts to Instagram stories, using digital marketing strategies will grow your business at a rapid pace!


Food Services 

Food services

The food industry is another sector that has thrived off of establishing a digital presence. From Youtube cooking channels to blog posts providing recipes, food services have begun growing their businesses by utilizing digital marketing strategies. On the other hand, it is beneficial for food services to utilize digital platforms in order to engage with their audience. If a customer posts a photo on social media at your restaurant, you should have an account that they can tag their post to. By doing so, you are not just engaging with your customer, you are also spreading awareness of your brand to even more users. So, if you work in food services or own a restaurant, establish a social media presence today. 



Entertainment is one of the most impacted industries by consumer preferences and social trends. So, with a rise in digitization, entertainment companies are relying on digital marketing strategies more than ever before. For example, film production companies used to use TV commercials as their main means of marketing. Now, instead, companies are using social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook to advertise new releases. 

Additionally, within the entertainment industry are streaming services. When it comes to streaming services, almost all companies operate on websites or OTT platforms that provide users with various entertainment options. Using online platforms and digital marketing strategies, the entertainment industry has continued to grow. 



real estate

Digital marketing in the real estate industry is crucial for lead generation and increasing sales. Like other companies looking to promote their skills and values, real-estate agents should also use social media platforms or different digital marketing strategies to do the same. Also, digital marketing strategies may ensure that you grow your reach and create competitive listings for companies looking to advertise specific properties or lots. Also, using geographic-based digital marketing, real-estate companies can identify clients searching for local listings or real estate agents. 


Although these are just a few of the many industries that benefit from adopting digital marketing campaigns, these sectors are ones that will benefit the most from implementation. As digital marketing specialists, here at Summit Crew, we are always looking to provide our audience with the best and most effective strategies. Check out our blog for more information on digital marketing trends, expert advice, and advertising strategies. We have all of the information you need and more to grow your business. 


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