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Google Algorithm Update for October 2022 | Spam Policies Core Update

Google Algorithm Update

In today’s update, we’re going to break down the latest Google algorithm update on Spam Policies that was announced on October 19, 2022. 

Google is enforcing manual action against websites and activities tied to spam. 

Google states: “Our spam policies help protect users and improve the quality of search results. To be eligible to appear in Google web search results (web pages, images, videos, news content or other material that Google finds from across the web), content shouldn’t violate Google Search’s overall policies or the spam policies listed on this page.

This Google Algorithm Update included several areas of spam that Google has identified and is blocking from search results: 

  1. Cloaking/Doorways: this is used when specific things are changed within your content or URL to manipulate the search engine to increase the views of your content. Misleading your content messes with the algorithm of search results.
  2. Hidden Text and Links/Keyword Stuffing: this is when you use specific keywords multiple times to increase the odds of your content being at the top of a search page. It is also attempted when including text/links that are commonly searched for and hiding it within your content. All of this is to create an advantage in your favor.
  3. Scraped Content: this entails taking other articles’ content without giving them proper credit or citation for their own benefit.
  4. Thin Affiliate Pages: this is when a website copies another website’s content/product links without changing anything. They are taking content with no additional information and adding their twist.


Learn more by reading the full update:

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