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Top Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2023 | From The Experts

Digital marketing trends in 2023

As technology continues to evolve, so does digital marketing. Today, we will break down digital marketing trends prevalent in 2023. Keep reading and find out how to maintain a competitive edge this year! 

Additionally, with the success of digital marketing being dependent on consumers’ tastes and preferences – the industry moves quickly. So, to retain your target market’s attention, gain leads, and be overall successful, you will need to keep up with the changes happening in the digital marketing industry. Here are trends you should expect to see this year: 

Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Digital marketing trends in 2023

Emphasized Focus on Customer’s Experience 

emphasized focus on customers experience

As we mentioned earlier, a digital marketing company’s success is primarily impacted by its customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. And according to post-pandemic research, consumers are keener on having memorable experiences than ever before. Due to former restrictions on travel and sociability, people are now looking to have high-quality experiences – instead of products. 

Another cause of this newfound trend is that technological developments are a crucial indicator of how companies digitally advertise. With that in mind, marketers will take a hands-on approach to implement more simplistic and easier-to-use websites. The goal of doing this is to reduce user frustration and to provide consumers and leads with higher-quality customer experiences. 

So, the bottom line is if you are looking to grow your digital marketing company this year or you are looking to advertise a product, be sure to maintain a focus on your customer’s experience. Ask for feedback, provide surveys, etc. Understanding how customers feel about your product, service, or buying experience will benefit your business in the long run, providing you with the insights you need to succeed. 

Transparency and Accountability  

Transparency and Accountability

As social responsibility, integrity, and accountability become more critical to consumers, it is evident that digital marketing companies (and all businesses) are now being held to a higher standard of sharing. According to market research, 50% of Gen Z and more than 40% of millennials are likely to support or buy from a brand that prioritizes and tends to social causes. And over time, it is forecasted that such spending habits will only continue and become even more of a priority. 

With that in mind, many digital marketing companies are now transitioning to more engaging strategies with their consumers. Meanwhile, they use social media sites for advertising promotions, products, and inclusive activities addressing societal issues. So, to gain more attention and maintain customers, your company must offer transparency regarding its operations and initiatives. 

In-Person Meetings and Conferences  

In-Person Meetings and Conferences

With COVID-19 restrictions gone, companies are meeting in person again. Many employees are interested in attending in-person events, whether they have returned to in-office workplaces or hosted live conferences. In a survey recorded by marketing specialists from MarTech, more than 50% of the respondents claimed they were “extremely likely” to go to in-person meetings and conferences within the first six months of 2023. Whereas in the second half of the year, even more people are “extremely likely” to go to live events – expressed by more than 80% of respondents.

So, to grow your business, attend a conference or encourage in-person meetings with your clients. With face-to-face interactions, you are more likely to make a deeper connection with a potential employee, client, or shareholder. Or, if you are selling a product or service, consider opening up your business to the public if you have been operating remotely. Regardless of your strategies, capitalize on this trend in 2023. 



Another form of digital marketing that has been increasingly popular over the past five years or so is podcasts. Why should digital marketing companies utilize podcasts? Well, it is a fantastic way to share your business story or connect with more consumers from various platforms. Using a podcast is also an excellent way to share testimonials, connect with other businesses, and receive feedback from your listeners. 

If you decide to start a podcast to market your brand or business digitally, make sure that you are using it to spread valuable information. This goes back to transparency and accountability, but the more your company shares its story and core values with its listeners, the more likely it is to succeed. 

Live Streaming Content and Short Videos  

Live streaming content and short videos

Like podcasts, live streaming content and short videos have overtaken the digital marketing industry. Due to social media platforms, such as Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts, many customers are interested in receiving product information through such means. Not only does video content create an opportunity to gain leads, but it also serves as a form of advertising. 

Additionally, according to data accumulated by streaming services, more than 22% of the global population watches live video content on social media platforms daily. Meanwhile, 77% of international surveyors noted watching TV or video content at least once daily.

Lastly, when utilizing video marketing, use shorter videos because they communicate more effectively to viewers and hold people’s interest. If video content is too long, it will make it more likely for your leads to either lose engagement or, even worse, leave your page.  

Interactive Features 

Interactive features

One more trend that is taking 2023 by storm is consumer engagement. With how much time people spend on the internet, it can be challenging to maintain their attention or to differentiate your brand from your competitors. With that in mind, interactive features are becoming a massive tool in digital marketing to attract customers, generate leads, and give your audience insight into your business. 

A form of engagement trending in 2023 is the use of gaming elements. According to marketing specialists, this new trend is called “gamification.” And gamification is utilized to boost client retention, ROI, and the views you receive on your website or mobile app. More than 80% of smartphone users have downloaded mobile games. So, do not fall behind the competition. Make your site more engaging! Some ways companies are currently increasing their customers’ feeling of engagement could include spinning a wheel to uncover a discount code or submitting a photo or video with a product/service for a chance to win a contest. By using strategies to engage your audience, you will have much more success when digitally advertising any business. 

For more tips and tricks on digital marketing, check out our blog at Summit Crew. We have all the industry updates you need, many marketing strategies, and more. If you want to talk to a marketing specialist today, call us! We are here to provide all of the digital marketing expertise you need. 

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