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Boston Business | Top 5 Restaurants To Build Team Culture

Boston restaurants

As a Boston-based business, you may be looking for team culture-building activities. Well, look no further, it is non-negotiable that the city is home to fantastic food and culture. So why not tie that into your company culture activities? No matter where your business is located within the city, you can find a great restaurant to take your employees for a meal.

There have been many articles and studies done by firms, including Forbes, that have attested to the fact that food can drastically improve employees’ relationships, work-ethic, and overall company culture. Here at Summit Crew, we too know that company culture shapes a business’ success. Therefore, making team meals an integral part of our company culture! Our office is located in the heart of the city, so our staff here at Summit Crew has had many opportunities to get outside and try new places. So now, with utter excitement, we present to you… 

Boston Top 5 Restaurants To Build Team Culture

75 Chestnut | Beacon Hill

75 Chestnut | Beacon Hill

Located in the beautiful and quaint historic neighborhood, our first staff pick is 75 Chestnut. They offer a brunch AND a dinner menu, meanwhile offering an extensive wine list and specialized drinks that serve as double entendres referencing Boston’s historical roots. 

75 Chestnut is making it on the list of top restaurants in Boston due to the site’s prime location. This restaurant has the option of indoor and outdoor seating, offering space for you and your team to laugh, chat, eat, and drink. Participants in a recent study proved that there is a correlation between shared meals and team effectiveness. There were qualitative results that displayed that dining as a team elicits strong senses of camaraderie and attentiveness amongst employees. 

Thus, if you are looking for a dining experience, this is the place for your team. The service is excellent, and the food is delicious, offering your company a nice place to enjoy each other’s company while indulging in delicious American cuisine. 

Located on 75 Chestnut Street, in Beacon Hill, there are many ways to get there. Their website also gives advice as to where to park and details regarding things to do in the surrounding area. Check it out today! 

Strega Italiano | Seaport

Strega Italiano | Seaport

Located in the Seaport District with stunning views of the harbor, Strega Italiano also serves as a fantastic place to take your team. This location offers two different private dining rooms that you can use for a company dinner. Or better yet, you can host a networking event. Through their special event planner, you can host a dinner with tens of your employees in order to celebrate your company’s success or to simply just improve your team’s culture.

Their menu is rather extensive but offers options for every employee. Spending time together over dinner will bring your team closer together, as they share stories, smiles, and of course, pieces of bread.

By maintaining the tradition of hosting team dinners, your firm will be home to not just employees but long-time friends.

Koreana | Cambridge

Koreana | Cambridge

Next, we present to you Koreana in Cambridge. Located in a neighborhood characterized by higher education and timeless architecture that sits right off of the Charles River, Koreana offers delicious dishes. 

Serving tremendous Korean barbeque, this is a great place for a team lunch. Have your team try the Galbi Tang or the Bulgogi. By sharing a meal, one that is hands-on and includes acts like passing plates and communicating, your team can get more comfortable with spending time together and starting a conversation. 

Literally, the circular tables will bring your team together and allow them to have time away from technology to be in one another’s presence.

In addition to the food itself and the restaurant’s layout, Koreana delivers its meals with elegance in its visual preparation. Meanwhile, the lighting is low as large windows provide the dining room with natural light. Remaining consistent in its aesthetic, the walls, too are covered in Korean art prints that bring the room together. 

All of these elements comprise an experience for your company culture and a memory that will last way longer than the meal itself. Take your team here today for an unforgettable day.

Alma Cantina | Historic District

Alma Cantina | Historic District

Alma Cantina is the perfect spot for a team lunch or dinner. Sit outside and enjoy the vibrance of Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Grab some nachos and have a drink to celebrate all of the hard work you have been doing.

By implementing routine team meals, employees will feel more valued and appreciated. And what does that do in return? Make employees more effective.

Plan a surprise lunch! This type of positive reinforcement and unexpected benefits of working at your company will make a lasting impression on your employees. Furthermore, eating outside offers a breath of fresh air and a mental break for teams as well.

It offers a mental break from the work environment and a great dining experience. Check out Alma Cantina today and make a plan for your team’s next meal together.

Lolita | Seaport

Lolita | Seaport

Located in Seaport, right on the water, Lolita is a chic and unique Mexican restaurant. Offering prime bar seating with a fantastic view of the Fort Point Channel, you will enjoy dining in or out at Lolita. 

Another awesome restaurant for team culture building, as “it’s not just a meal, but an experience.” At sunset, you can see boats drifting by and enjoy the breeze. 

Also sporting fantastic architecture with glass windows, suede seating arrangements, and antique light fixtures, this is the perfect spot for a special occasion. The restaurant is also a fan favorite here at Summit Crew due to its array of options; featuring brunch, lunch, dinner, and of course, dessert. 

You will have the privacy necessary to enjoy quality time with your team. It’s perfect for any celebratory occasion!

Considering the array of options provided in this post, we hope you find your new favorite spot!

These are OUR top 5 restaurants in Boston, and we would love to hear yours. Working in Boston and at Summit Crew specifically has put our employees in the perfect place to wander, discover, and to try new foods.  Learn Ways to Build Company Culture | A Healthy Work Space

Indulge, enjoy, and make memories that will last much longer than your dinner reservation! Your team culture will never be the same.

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